How it Works

Dynamic Ceramics is an arts studio where folks can create their own special keepsake items. We offer both Paint Your Own Pottery (PYOP) and glass fusing.

Book a party with friends or simply drop in and choose what you’d like to create! Our ceramics can be painted with either under glazes or acrylics, or you could make a unique glass mosaic or piece of jewelry.

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Acrylics or Glaze, What’s the Difference?

Under Glazes:
First and foremost, under glazes are food safe. Three coats are recommended for a deep, opaque coverage. The items are over glazed by the staff before going into the kiln, and they come out with a VERY shiny, bright finish. We have more than 90 different under glaze colors, including “fleckles” and several “speciality glazes” (reserved for advanced painters).

Acrylic Paints:
Acrylics allow you to paint your piece and take it home with you today (after we’ve sprayed an acrylic finish which takes around 20 minutes to dry). As you can imagine, the children are especially happy with this option because waiting a week to take home their beautiful project just seems too long! 🙂

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Glass Fused Jewelry and Crafts

Glass fusing is a beautiful and suprisingly simple way to make beautiful works of art that you can wear or display or even use every day! Pre-cut glass pieces or ground up glass “frit” decorate a base piece. When fired in the kiln the glass pieces melt, or fuse, together to make pendants, vases and bowls, window hangers, paper weights, or so many other unique gifts.

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